18 January
Matricelf successfully completed the production of mature human neural tissue implants.
This is a significant milestone achieved within the company's development plan and a significant progress towards testing the implants in an animal spinal cord injury model.
21 November
Matricelf announced earlier today to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange that it has reached an important milestone.
2 October
Matricelf brings Startup World Cup
15 September
Matricelf is pleased to announce that Ms. Suzana Nahum-Zilberberg and Mr. Stanley Hirsch have joined the Company's Board of Directors.
5 July
Matricelf is pleased to announce that on June 15th, 2022, the European Patent Office officially granted a patent titled “PARTICLES COMPRISING DECELLULARIZED OMENTUM” for the production of micro-implants for the treatment of a variety of diseases and tissue injuries.

The patent enables the controlled and rapid production of functional tissue implants of micrometric size, which can be injected locally into damaged tissue areas.
5 July
Matricelf is happy to announce that Adam Wollowick MD/MBA is joining its scientific advisory board.
Dr Wollowick is the Sr. Director of Business Development at Stryker Spine.

At Stryker, Adam is focusing on mergers and acquisitions and also has responsibility for the Spine Division’s Strategy and Business Intelligence functions.
7 May
מטריסלף הצליחה להפוך תאי אדם בוגרים לתאי גזע; המניה מזנקת ב-11%
החברה, שמפתחת שתלים של תאי עצב לנפגעי חוט שדרה מהתאים של המטופל עצמו, הצליחה לתכנת מחדש תאי דם בוגרים ולייצר מהם תאי גזע - כך שכעת היא שולטת בכל שלבי הייצור של השתלים
7 February
Matricelf (TASE:MTLF) announced today that scientists from Sagol Center for Regenerative Biotechnology at Tel Aviv University have engineered 3D spinal cord tissues and implanted them in mice model with long-term chronic paralysis.

The results were highly encouraging: an approximately 80% success rate in restoring walking abilities.

The results of the study were published in the scientific journal "Advanced Science".

The research was based on a technology that was fully licensed by Tel Aviv University to Matricelf, in an exclusive global licensing agreement signed in 2019.

Asaf Toker, MD, Matricelf CEO, stated: “this is a remarkable scientific achievement that represent the potential of Matricelf innovative and unique technology to develop complete autologous neural implants for patients with spinal cord injury. The results of this study pave the way to the company future animal studies toward human clinical trials.

Tens of thousands of paralyzed patients keen for a solution that will restore their motor, sensory and autonomic functions.

Matricelf vision is to lead the global market of tissue engineering, valued at billions of USD, and to offer autologous implants for a variety of medical conditions.

Prof. Dvir, Matricelf chief scientist, concludes: "We hope to start clinical trials in humans within the next few years, and ultimately get these patients back on their feet. The innovative technology can serve as a platform for the generation of various engineered tissues for the treatment of additional medical conditions."
31 January
Matricelf is happy to announce that it has completed and signed an exclusive, global, license agreement with Ramot, the technology transfer arm of Tel Aviv University for the development and commercialization of a novel technology in 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs.
The technology was developed by Prof Tal Dvir from the department of biotechnology and the head of the Nano-technology center at Tel Aviv University and the chief Scientist at Matricelf.

The licensed patent, under examination in the United States and Europe, covers various aspects of the unique technology, which allows simultaneous three-dimensional printing of cells and extracellular components.

Liquid nano-particles, which support and stabilize the liquid printed biological structure, enabling high-resolution printing and maximum accuracy.

Following printing and solidification, the particles are completely removed from the printed structure, leaving it stabilized. Using this technology, the first ever human printed heart was 3D printed at Tel Aviv University in 2019.

Matricelf CEO Dr. Asaf Toker said, "We are happy to sign another collaboration with Tel Aviv University and see this as a strong vote of confidence in the company and its scientific and commercial ability, in the field of tissue engineering, which is the future of medicine. 3D bioprinting is in the forefront of this sector, which is growing by an average of tens of percentages annually and is expected to be worth billions of dollars by 2024. Applying the technology, both in the development of the company, primarily by treating injury to the spinal cord, as well as commercialization to various partners in the sector, significantly increases the potential for growing the value of the company in the foreseeable future and strengthening its status as a leading global player in the sector."
16 January
We are pleased to announce that we completed another successful usability study with our human implants to bridge spinal cord injury in a live porcine.
Dr Tamar Harel Adar, VP R&D: “We are happy to announce that the implants that we are developing for spinal cord injury were placed successfully at the injured site of a live porcine”.

“The live porcine model mimics the surgical procedure in humans in which local bleeding and CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) flow may occur”.
In the study we examined the neurosurgical procedure, the application of our implants into a live porcine injured site.
During the study we successfully placed, by two neurosurgeons, implants originated from human tissues, at the injured site and then sutured a dura patch, similar to the one used on humans, to close the dura matter.
Dr Asaf Toker, CEO: “We believe that the results and input from this experiment is an important milestone in the development of our technology and advances us another step in our preparations for future animal studies and human clinical trials.
This achievement is another step that will progress us to fulfil our vision to become a leading Israeli company in regenerative medicine”.
4 January
Matricelf is pleased to announce that on January 4th, 2022, the US Patent and Trademark office officially granted a patent titled “PARTICLES COMPRISING DECELLULARIZED OMENTUM” for the production of micro-implants for the treatment of a variety of diseases and tissue injuries.

The patent is part of the commercialization license agreement obtained by the company from Tel Aviv University and enables the controlled and rapid production of functional tissue implants of micrometric size, which can be injected locally into damaged tissue areas.

The company's management estimates that the granted patent has the potential to expand the company's commercial platform for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, Age-related Macular Degeneration and more.

Dr. Asaf Toker, CEO of Matricelf, and Prof. Tal Dvir, the company's chief scientist: "We are pleased to announce the granting of the patent approval. The patent approval is a significant milestone in strengthening the company's intellectual property. It advances us to the vision we have set for Matricelf - to become a global-leading Israeli company in the field of tissue engineering."

The patent is valid until December 2036 and it joins the company's expanding patent application portfolio
2 January
Matricelf is pleased to announce that it has appointed Prof. Mark Tuszynski to its Scientific Advisory Board.
Prof. Mark Tuszynski, a world-renowned neurologist and researcher, is the Director of The Center for Neural Repair, University of California, San Diego
Mark is considered a leading researcher in the field of spinal cord injury treatment and his laboratory focuses on research in the field of neuronal regeneration in general and spinal cord injuries in particular.
He has published numerous articles in the leading scientific journals and has received a number of prestigious research grants in recent years.
The joining of Prof. Tuszynski to our Scientific Advisory Board is a significant recognition for Matricelf and is an expression of trust for our team and the technology that we are developing.

Photo source: UC San Diego Health
29 October
המעבדה של פרופ' טל דביר ממרכז סגול ומעבדת דביר באוניברסיטת תל אביב לא דומה לשום דבר שהייתם מעזים לדמיין: אצלם לא רק בונים איברים צעירים, טריים וחדשים כמו שהיו לכם פעם - אלא גם איברים משוכללים שיודעים לעשות דברים שהגוף שלנו מעולם לא עשה.
15 July
The Unicorn Battle Cup is an international startup competition and one of the world largest startup pitch contest.
10 best startups were selected, out of 500 candidates, during the preliminary Unicorn Battles® that took place online covering North America, Latin America, Silicon Valley, Asia, Middle East, Southeastern Asia & Oceania, Africa, Eastern & Western Europe this Spring.
10 startups pitched in the finals, organized by Startup Network, and judged by 50 angel investors and VC’s from all over the world.
After 2 rounds of pitching (one in London and one in San Francisco) Matricelf was announced the winner of the Unicorn Battle Cup.
Matricelf CEO Dr Asaf Toker stated: “This is another small step for us as a company in our long journey to regenerate the future of medicine and help paralyzed patients with Spinal Cord Injury walk again”
7 July
Today we had the honor to host his excellency, Mohammed Al Khaja, UAE ambassador to Israel, at our new offices and labs in Ness Ziona.
We presented our technology, our roadmap on our journey to regenerate the future of medicine and our vision for regional cooperation.
1 March
Matricelf is happy to announce that Dr. Nicholas Theodore, M.D. is joining our Scientific Advisory Board.
Dr Theodore is a Professor of Neurosurgery and the director of the Johns Hopkins Neurosurgical Spine Center. He is one of the world recognized expert in brain and spinal cord injury, minimally invasive spine surgeries and robotics.
Dr. Theodore has written or co-authored 30 book chapters, over 180 peer-reviewed journal articles and is co-holder of 10 patents for medical devices and procedures. His research focuses on trauma, spinal cord injuries, robotics and developing an understanding of the genetic and molecular basis of spinal diseases.
We welcome Nicholas to our family and wish us all success in our journey to regenerate the future of medicine.

Image: Johns Hopkins Medicine
18 January
Matricelf is happy to announce that Dr. Eckhard von Keutz is joining our Scientific Advisory Board.
Dr Von Keutz is an expert and consultant for pharma research and development with special focus on preclinical and early clinical development.
Until recently Dr Von Keutz was the Senior Vice President and Head of Translational Sciences at Bayer AG, Pharmaceuticals where he directed the global activities of all preclinical and early clinical development functions. Dr Von Keutz is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Fraunhofer Institute of Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (Hannover, Germany); Member of the Executive Council at Center of Healthcare Innovation (US); Member of the Advisory Committee for Pharmacologically Active Substances and Veterinary Drugs of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment; Member of the CAAT Advisory Board (Europe); Member of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of the European Organ-on-Chip Society (EUROoCS) and starting today a member of our Scientific advisory board.
We welcome Eckhard to our family and wish us all success in our journey to regenerate the future of medicine.
17 January
Matricelf is excited to announce that it won the state finals at the Startup World Cup and will represent Israel in the Startup World Cup Grand Finale in November 2021 in San Francisco.
The Startup World Cup, sponsored by Pegasus Tech Ventures, is the largest startup competition around the world with more then 10,000 applicants from more then 50 regions and a grand prize of 1,000,000 USD.
We are honored to represent Israel and hopefully bring a lot of respect but more important to find the cure for disabled patients with Spinal Cord Injury.
12 January
Israeli 3D Printing Tech Hopes to Revolutionize Spinal Cord Injury Treatment
29 December
What a great way to end 2020!
We are happy to announce that Matricelf is the winner at the Startup+ competition by Calcalist and Poalim HI-TECH!
Dr Asaf Toker, Matricelf CEO: "it is a small step for the company on its way to help paralyzed patients with spinal cord injury make their own steps".
Matricelf develops a complete autologous neural implant and is working towards a first in human clinical trial during 2023.

1 September
Matricelf is excited to welcome MCP Magna Capital Partners to our investors list.

Founded by a group of experienced business owners and close friends, MCP Magna Capital Partners Ltd. invests in bold israeli teams building the future through technology.
MCP invest in seed and series A stage Israeli technology companies across the digital health, medical device, bio/healthcare and enterprise software spaces. MCP proudly invested in Rewalk ($RWLK), Urogen Pharma ($URGN) and Yotpo.

We hope that we will have an amazing journey together while we are regenerating the future of medicine.
1 September
Matricelf is happy to announce the appointment of Mr Doron Birger to be the chairman of the board of directors of the company.
Doron serves as the chairman and a director in a variety of technology companies, mainly in medical device companies.
In the past, Doron served as the CEO of Elron (Nasdaq: ELRNF, TASE: ELRN) and as the chairman and director of Given Imaging (previously traded at Nasdaq: GIVN; TASE: GIVN) until it was sold to Covidien (now Medtronic) for approximately USD 1 billion.
Doron is replacing Prof Avishay Braverman who served as the chairman for the last year.
We wish Doron a great journey and lots of successes with us.
6 July
Matricelf is delighted to announce that it has been selected as a “One to Watch” for the 2020 Spinoff Prize by Nature Research, part of Springer Nature, and Merck.
Selected from almost 150 entrants by an expert panel of judges, the Spinoff Prize aims to provide visibility and support for academic entrepreneurs and their companies, worldwide.
16 June
Yariv Bash is one of the entrepreneurs and founders of SpaceIL that launched the space shuttle “BERESHIT” to the moon.
Yariv is a visionary, an optimistic and an interlocutor.
Yariv is in a wheelchair due to a ski accident.
A few months ago, I heard an interview with him and he said that: “humanity succeeded reaching the space but it still didn’t succeed to bridge two centimeters of injured spinal cord”.
Yarivs’ thoughts are our vision – to engineer those two centimeters of spinal cord gap to enable paralyzed patients due to traumatic Spinal cord Injuries to regain normal functions.
We were honored to host Yariv today at Matricelf office
22 May
We Are happy to announce that we received our first approval for a clinical trial in humans to collect Omentum samples for our R&D program.
This is another small step toward our planned first in human clinical trial for spinal Cord Injury.
22 January
Big honor to Matricelf!
Prof Dvir, Matricelf CSO, presents the first ever human 3D printed heart to his royal highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
18 December
Matricelf is greeting our Chief scientist, Prof Tal Dvir, for being selected as one of the 20 promising Israeli scientists for the new decade
19 November
When the creative minds that drive Israeli biotechnology company Matricelf started telling people about their plan to create the world’s first 3D printed human heart the common response was that they were talking about the stuff of dreams.
29 September
Top 10 Israeli inventions of the last 10 years
10 April
Researchers from Tel Aviv University “printed” the world’s first 3D engineered heart using a patient’s own cells and biological materials. Importantly, the breakthrough saw success in printing vasculature, and the heart matched the immunological and cellular properties of the patient.