Neomi Enoch, CPA, MBA Neomi is a business consultant, bringing a vast experience as a CFO in global companies traded at NASDAQ and Tel Aviv stock exchange.

Neomi led the IPO of Parter communication at NASDAQ, and The IPO of Mul-T-Lock in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and raised funds from capital market as CFO of Meuhedet HMO and Supesal Ltd.

Neomi serves as a director at Mekorot Water Company, Kalil industries Ltd, Exel solutions group and S.R. Accord Ltd

Neomi is a CPA holds an M.B.A from Bradford University, cum laud and B.A from Tel Aviv University.

Doron serves as the chairman and a director in a variety of technology companies, mainly in medical device companies.
In the past, Doron served as the CEO of Elron (Nasdaq: ELRNF, TASE: ELRN) and as the chairman and director of Given Imaging (previously traded at Nasdaq: GIVN; TASE: GIVN) until it was sold to Covidien (now Medtronic) for approximately USD 1 billion.

Suzana Nahum-Zilberberg is a seasoned executive with a vast managerial and leadership experience in the healthcare industry across global companies and early-stage companies. With financial expertise and experience as a board member in various companies.

Ms. Nahum-Zilberberg is a strategic advisor and the Chairman of The Activity Based Therapy (ABT) Center Foundation for Neurorehabilitation. She served as the CEO of BioLight Life Sciences Ltd. (BOLT/TASE) between the years 2011-2020, Prior to joining BioLight, Ms. Nahum-Zilberberg held several senior positions at Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, including Vice President of Asia and Pacific and Director in the office of the President and CEO.

Ms. Nahum-Zilberberg holds a B.A. degree in accounting and economics and a M.B.A. degree, both from Tel Aviv University, a Certified Director degree from Tel Aviv University, and studied at the INSEAD Asian International Executive Program. She is a certified public accountant.

Stanley Hirsch is a biotech and pharma CEO and Board Director with significant experience across biopharmaceutical and agricultural biotech fields.  He has extensive executive and board level experience in private and publicly listed companies on US and UK exchanges, direct experience raising capital and leading Mergers & Acquisitions.

Prof. Ruth Arnon Formerly Vice-President of the Weizmann Institute of Science (1988-1997), Professor Arnon is an internationally known immunologist. Along with Prof. Michael Sela, she conceptualized and developed Copaxone®, a drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is presently marketed worldwide.

Prof. Arnon has made significant contributions in the fields of vaccine development, cancer research and to the study of parasitic diseases. She has served as President of the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS), and as Secretary-General of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS).

Prof. Arnon is the recipient of numerous international and Israeli awards including the prestigious Israel Prize. She is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences, where she served as President from 2010-2015.

Alon Sinai brings over 25 years of operational and managerial experience in medical corps of the Israeli Defense Forces. He holds a Master’s degree in Health Systems Management and a Bachelor’s degree in emergency medicine.

Professor Dvir obtained his Ph.D. in Biotechnology Engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. His Ph.D. research focused on cardiac tissue engineering and regeneration. Prof. Dvir continued his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Professor Robert Langer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT. His postdoctorial research focused on nanotechnological strategies for engineering complex tissues. In 2011, Professor Dvir was recruited by the Department of Biotechnology and the center for Nanotechnology at Tel Aviv University to establish the Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. In 2013, he joined the newly established Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Tel Aviv University, where he has also served as an Associate Professor in the Department of Biotechnology since 2015.