1 September
Matricelf is excited to welcome MCP Magna Capital Partners to our investors list.

Founded by a group of experienced business owners and close friends, MCP Magna Capital Partners Ltd. invests in bold israeli teams building the future through technology.
MCP invest in seed and series A stage Israeli technology companies across the digital health, medical device, bio/healthcare and enterprise software spaces. MCP proudly invested in Rewalk ($RWLK), Urogen Pharma ($URGN) and Yotpo.

We hope that we will have an amazing journey together while we are regenerating the future of medicine.
6 July
Matricelf is delighted to announce that it has been selected as a “One to Watch” for the 2020 Spinoff Prize by Nature Research, part of Springer Nature, and Merck.
Selected from almost 150 entrants by an expert panel of judges, the Spinoff Prize aims to provide visibility and support for academic entrepreneurs and their companies, worldwide.
16 June
Yariv Bash is one of the entrepreneurs and founders of SpaceIL that launched the space shuttle “BERESHIT” to the moon.
Yariv is a visionary, an optimistic and an interlocutor.
Yariv is in a wheelchair due to a ski accident.
A few months ago, I heard an interview with him and he said that: “humanity succeeded reaching the space but it still didn’t succeed to bridge two centimeters of injured spinal cord”.
Yarivs’ thoughts are our vision – to engineer those two centimeters of spinal cord gap to enable paralyzed patients due to traumatic Spinal cord Injuries to regain normal functions.
We were honored to host Yariv today at Matricelf office
22 May
We Are happy to announce that we received our first approval for a clinical trial in humans to collect Omentum samples for our R&D program.
This is another small step toward our planned first in human clinical trial for spinal Cord Injury.
22 January
Big honor to Matricelf!
Prof Dvir, Matricelf CSO, presents the first ever human 3D printed heart to his royal highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
19 November
When the creative minds that drive Israeli biotechnology company Matricelf started telling people about their plan to create the world’s first 3D printed human heart the common response was that they were talking about the stuff of dreams.
18 December
Matricelf is greeting our Chief scientist, Prof Tal Dvir, for being selected as one of the 20 promising Israeli scientists for the new decade
29 September
Top 10 Israeli inventions of the last 10 years
10 April
Researchers from Tel Aviv University “printed” the world’s first 3D engineered heart using a patient’s own cells and biological materials. Importantly, the breakthrough saw success in printing vasculature, and the heart matched the immunological and cellular properties of the patient.