Two years ago we started a long journey to bring to Israel the startup World Cup.
We passed all the regional qualifying stages and were chosen out of thousands of companies in the world (about 17,000) to represent Israel in the final stages held on September 28 and 30.

Yesterday we beat about 50 companies that qualified from the regional qualifying stages and were chosen to be one of the ten companies that presented in the grand finale that ended half an hour ago.

Unfortunately, we did not bring the cup to Israel, but we managed to qualify for the final three.

It is a huge honor to represent Israel and to be one of the three most promising start-up companies in the world.
We would not have been able to reach these achievements without the amazing team we have, the members of the board of directors and the advisory board, without the investors who support us and of course without our vision to continue promoting our technology in Israel and around the world to regenerate the future of medicine.