Matricelf (TASE:MTLF) announced today that scientists from Sagol Center for Regenerative Biotechnology at Tel Aviv University have engineered 3D spinal cord tissues and implanted them in mice model with long-term chronic paralysis.

The results were highly encouraging: an approximately 80% success rate in restoring walking abilities.

The results of the study were published in the scientific journal “Advanced Science”.

The research was based on a technology that was fully licensed by Tel Aviv University to Matricelf, in an exclusive global licensing agreement signed in 2019.

Asaf Toker, MD, Matricelf CEO, stated: “this is a remarkable scientific achievement that represent the potential of Matricelf innovative and unique technology to develop complete autologous neural implants for patients with spinal cord injury. The results of this study pave the way to the company future animal studies toward human clinical trials.

Tens of thousands of paralyzed patients keen for a solution that will restore their motor, sensory and autonomic functions.

Matricelf vision is to lead the global market of tissue engineering, valued at billions of USD, and to offer autologous implants for a variety of medical conditions.

Prof. Dvir, Matricelf chief scientist, concludes: “We hope to start clinical trials in humans within the next few years, and ultimately get these patients back on their feet. The innovative technology can serve as a platform for the generation of various engineered tissues for the treatment of additional medical conditions.”